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A visual representation of the Sacramento Region’s most vital nonprofits and Government programs that provide supportive services to women who have been sex trafficked, victims of violent crime and are homeless


Resources for women who are homeless, victims of sex trafficking, and trauma


National Human Trafficking Hotline
1 (888) 373–7888
SMS: 233733
24 hours, 7 days a week

Community Against Sexual Harm – CASH
(916) 856-2900
Sex Trafficking Support and Resources

Opening Doors
(916) 492-2591
Human trafficking, Immigration Legal Services,
Refugee Programs, Economic Prosperity Programs,
Health Programs

WEAVE – When Everyone Acts Violence Ends
(916) 920-2952 Support Line
(916) 448-2321 Business Line
Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficking

I-Can – Crime Victims Assistance Network
(916) 273-3603
Providing Victims/Survivors of Crime Emotional Support,
Information, Resources, and Referrals

My Sisters House
(916) 428-3271 (24hr Multilingual Helpline)
6-bed anti-human trafficking shelter
6-bed Transitional House for Women and Children
Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault

Bishop Gallegos Maternity Home
(916) 395-9370
Shelter for Homeless Pregnant Women

3 Strands Global Foundation
(916) 365-2606
Human Trafficking

Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance
(916) 874-3100
Apply for Cash Aid, Food Stamps, and Housing Assistance
Sacramento County Emergency Family Shelter
Reservation List

Dial 211
Resources and Referrals for Homeless
Financial Assistance for Low-Income

Hope Cooperative Mental Health Crisis Respite Center (CRC)
(916) 441-0123
Provides 23hrs of Shelter, Food,
Compassion and Individualized Resource Plan
Transportation an Issue? Staff May Be Able to Help.

Saint John’s Program For Real Change
(916) 453-1482
7-day Emergency Shelter for Women in Crisis
18-month Program for Women and Children

City of Refuge
1(866) 733-8438
Shelter and Transitional Housing for Women and Children

Another Choice, Another Chance
(916) 388-9418
Mental Health and Trauma Counseling

Let’s keep it real, there will never be the perfect place, program, or solution that will fit your need. What
worked for one may not work for you. For most, finding help will entail multiple calls, dead ends, and waitlists,
but if you’re persistent, you will find something.

It is hard to see the light when you’re trapped in darkness. It is easy to stay with what is familiar and continue
to struggle each day. Change is difficult but so is the life you’re stuck in right now.

If you say you can’t, then you won’t. If you say you can, then you will. We either do or we don’t. Your new life
awaits you. There are people willing to help. Start with one call today, then tomorrow two, and begin to
Connect to Change!

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